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Arts Draconis

Red Dragon

• 10:00AM to 4:00PM, Feast Hall

Entrants may bring as many 900 C.E. to 1100 C.E. items with documentation, both long form and 3x5 basic, as they wish.
The time period for the items on display rotates every year for a total of 4 years, so that the schedule will follow this pattern:

2016: 400 C.E. to 900 C.E
2017: 900 C.E. to 100 C.E
2018: 1100 C.E. to 1400 C.E.
2019: 1400 C.E. to 1600 C.E.
2020: Return to 400 C.E. to 900 C.E.

Entrants may bring as many items as they wish to participate.
The criteria for the display are that the items be from the time period being highlighted for that year,
and that they have documentation, both long form and a 3x5 card basic.
We hope that the Kingdom’s Laurels, Evergreens, and others will make it a regular part of their event day to visit the display area.
Comments and tokens are encouraged.

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