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Classes and Other Activities

Red Dragon

10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Feast Hall

Entrants may display as many 1100 C.E. to 1400 C.E. items with Documentation, both long form and 3x5 card basic, as they wish.

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Coordinator: Lady Babette Vitré de Dinan
Children's Point will be providing a pleasant space during the day for Gentles and their children to explore their creativity, read and play games. A craft table  with several guided and unguided projects will be present, including how to make a Dragon, puppet making, illumination, and bean bag making. Lady Babette will provide supplies, guidance and instruction in each project, but there will be ample time and materials for individual creativity. Traditional childrens games will be played inside and weather permitting, just outside the common room on the lawn. Inside there will also be a big blanket and children's Mediaeval and Renaissance books to puruse.


10:00 AM
Project Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (THL Lord Dimitri) - Vocal techniques for heralds and non-heralds alike to be better heard and understood. [Classroom 1]

Lines First (Lady Brighid of Red Spears) - An easier wat to paint. [Classroom 2]

11:00 AM
Bidding the Bedes (Dame Elizabethe Alles) - Introduction to Paternosters - $5 to make your own glass paternoster. [Classroom 1]

How to be a MoAS (Máistreacht Una Wynifreed Berry) [Classroom 2]

1:00 PM
Embroidery Guild Round Table [Classroom 1]

Dance Class (Baroness Allegra) [Classroom 2]

2:00 PM
Social Media for Fun & Nonprofit (Lady Sarah Ketillswif) [Classroom 1] - 2 Hours
Dance Class (Baroness Allegra) [Classroom 2]

3:00 PM

Dance Class (Mistress Felice Debbage) [Classroom 2]

4:00 PM

Rolled Hems (Lady Albreda Ismeria) [Classroom 1]

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