IMPORTANT: Fighters/Fencers

Welcome Back!

> If you did not have a signed waiver on file with the clerk of the roster before the pandemic you need to file one asap. You can check here.
> Everyone will be observed at practice to ensure that safety is being maintained. Please remember we have all been out of our respective kits for a while. Endurance and tolerances may be different.
> Everyone should take the time to inspect their gear before practice. If you have not unpacked that armor bag during the pandemic now is the time to do so.
> There are New Handbooks for Rapier and Armored Combat. Reading and understanding said handbooks are required for participation! Rapier Handbook Armored Handbook
> If you have any questions, please contact us. The answers may also benefit others. You can leave a comment below, reach us through social media such as our Facebook page, or ask us directly at our meetings.

Your Tirnewydd Marshals 🙂

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